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Atlanta, Georgia 30341
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GARR Information

G.A.R.R. Information

The Georgia Association of Recovery Residences (GARR) was founded in 1987 out of the need to evaluate and monitor quality of care in the rapidly growing field of addiction recovery related services in the state of Georgia. It was the first association to develop and maintain a standards system for recovery residence programs in the state.

Our Philosophy
We believe in a high quality of care for chemically dependent individuals and other persons needing recovery residence services. We believe that this can best be achieved through the creation and maintenance of standards designed for that purpose. We further believe that all people have the right to recover in an atmosphere which meets their special needs as well as their basic needs for safety, dignity and respect.

Our Intent
To Create, monitor, evaluate and improve standards and measures of quality for recovery residences in Georgia; To Maintain a forum for exchanging ideas, solving problems and providing guidance; and To act as an advocate for our members as well as for those we serve.

Our Commitment
Commitment is the key to recovery, and we are committed to establishing quality standards to to provide the most effective services and recovery care to meet the expanding needs of our members.