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Posted: September 18, 2012

Employer: Georgia Professional Health Program, Inc.
Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Position Description: 
Georgia Professional Health Program, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization, dedicated to the well-being of physicians and physician's assistants in GA, providing confidential referral and monitoring for potentially impairing conditions or diseases.

The Georgia PHP is looking for a limited number of group therapists with experience in addiction group psychotherapy to provide psychotherapy groups throughout Georgia (the highest number will be in metropolitan Atlanta). The groups will be comprised of physicians and physician’s assistants who have completed initial treatment for addictive diseases. The participants will be involved in the behavioral and urine drug screen monitoring throughout their time in group. Each group will be open ended and have rolling admission. Participants will attend these groups for a minimum of two years.

Therapists who apply should have a strong working knowledge of all addictive diseases, experience with addiction among health care workers is a strong plus. These groups are adjunctive to—and not in replacement for—a participants 12 step recovery program; they focus on improving interpersonal skills and character growth.


Preferred Qualifications:
1) Be licensed with a Master's Level or higher degree.
2) Provide their own space or be able to use community space
3) Be ready to work as an independent contractor
4) Be willing to participate in monthly conference calls with the entire team – especially for during the program start up.
5) Be willing to input brief monitoring notes into a web-based electronic medical record
6) Agree to attend a biannual in-service education run by Georgia PHP Medical Director Paul Earley, MD
7) Be interested in working with families, spouses, children of their participants as well as the participant themselves should the need for additional therapy arise.
8) Be able to provide firm and loving pressure should a participant become non-compliant.

Robin McCown
The Georgia PHP, Inc.
Executive Director
675 Seminole Avenue
Suite 108
Atlanta, GA 30307